Why so much emphasis on “Exploitation Free?”

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August 16, 2018
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August 31, 2018


If you’re reading this and if you’ve bought any of our products, you’ve seen our tag line:

Beautiful. Organic. Exploitation Free. (which is undergoing some slight revisions…)

What does it mean to be “exploitation free,” and why is it something that’s important to us?


Well, first of all, we employ survivors of human trafficking as a means of creating a new story for their lives; one that no longer involves sexual exploitation but instead offers them a first step toward independent living.  If our very purpose is to provide work for the formerly exploited, how could we do that on the backs of other exploited people?  Supply chain matters, and just because we can’t see the people harvesting the ingredients we use, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about how they’re treated and paid.

Second, I personally became aware of the dramatic difference in living conditions between those who are being paid fair wages and those who are not on my first trip to Rwanda in 2012.  I’ve seen this drastic contrast repeatedly in subsequent trips to Rwanda and Kenya, Brazil, and Mexico; it’s like night and day!

Fair Trade USA does a great job of explaining what it means for communities to be treated ethically, and why it’s so important for us to care.

Have a beautiful day friends!

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