The Power of Creativity

Why so much emphasis on “Exploitation Free?”
August 23, 2018

One of the great things about being present for part of the survivor’s healing journey is getting to see them discover their identities explore talents that have been hidden inside them.  This is a poem that was shared  with us at Redeemed by one of our recent clients, and she has allowed it to be shared publicly.


I walk on the sand with my feet in the sea
I watch the waves wash over me
I feel the heat of the sun
And I once again know what it is like to have fun
I no longer have to run

I have my wings now I can fly
I no longer wish I would die
I look up to the heavens and see the blue sky
And sometimes I question why

Why did they take my life and throw it away
Why did they make me not want to live another day
Why did they not let me have a say
All these things I ask why and most of all I ask why did they lie

It no longer is so important to me
Because I am free
I am free because someone gave me a chance
Gave me a life so once again I could dance
Taught me to have faith in God
Guided and ruled with kindness and not with a rod

Treated me with love and dignity
Showed me that there is good in this world
Showed me that people can keep their word

And now as I walk along the sand
With my feet in the sea
I think of REDEEMED MINISTRIES and all they did for me
And I thank God for letting them set me free

They gave me wings to fly
They showed that I did not have to want to die
I could learn to live and love again
I could learn to journey on my life’s next steps
Because they showed me the way

And as I would grow old and my eyes would dim
And as I would recall my every sin
I will think of them and the life they gave me
And how from the past pain and strife
They gave me a renewed life

Because of God and because of them
I have learned to fly
I can reach the sky
I was a sparrow and a new world they did let me see

~ Redeemed Sparrow

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