August 31, 2018

The Power of Creativity

One of the great things about being present for part of the survivor’s healing journey is getting to see them discover their identities explore talents that have been hidden inside them.  This is a poem that was shared  with us at Redeemed by one of our recent clients, and she has allowed it to be shared publicly. I AM FREE I walk on the sand with my feet in the sea I watch the waves wash over me I feel […]
August 23, 2018

Why so much emphasis on “Exploitation Free?”

  If you’re reading this and if you’ve bought any of our products, you’ve seen our tag line: Beautiful. Organic. Exploitation Free. (which is undergoing some slight revisions…) What does it mean to be “exploitation free,” and why is it something that’s important to us?   Well, first of all, we employ survivors of human trafficking as a means of creating a new story for their lives; one that no longer involves sexual exploitation but instead offers them a first […]
August 16, 2018

Our One Year Anniversary!! (plus a couple of weeks because I forgot)

So it’s been just over a year since Sparrow House Botanicals launched and I’ve got to say… HOLY COW Y’ALL!!! I’ve never started a business, run a business, or even minded my own business, so this last year has been all kinds of learning experiences!  Did you know there are about 15 different kinds of tax forms to file??  You have to get insurance for stuff?  Shipping is crazy expensive??  Production schedules???  There are so many things I DID NOT […]