A Fresh Start

Talking Startup with Travis Scott of endyō apparel
October 17, 2017
Our One Year Anniversary!! (plus a couple of weeks because I forgot)
August 16, 2018

If you’ve poked around our website or social media, or if you read our first blog post, you know that Sparrow House Botanicals exists primarily to give women who are survivors of sex trafficking an opportunity to begin their lives again. No one taking their money. Being treated with the respect they deserve. Making products they can be proud of. I think most people can understand that.

What I’m not sure a lot of people understand is why there is such a need for an enterprise like this one. Once a woman is rescued from her trafficker, she should be able to go home, resume her life, be the person she once was, right?

Unfortunately, no. There is an enormous amount of recovery involved in healing a victim of trauma like this. And even after a year or more of time in a healing program, there is still a long way to go in the process of getting to a “normal” life.

Many survivors of trafficking may never have had a legitimate job, and establishing a work history for their resume is extremely important. Others may have an arrest record related to their trafficking that keeps them from many jobs, housing, and government aid programs, and providing employment at a good wage is vital to their independence.

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